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How Abortion Shows Us Our Need for Redemption

Isn’t it warped that a person will cringe upon hearing in the news that a mother has left her 2 month old baby in a dumpster overnight, while at the same time acknowledge that this same woman should have the right to end the life of a child inside her womb using knives and vacuums?

Abortions, by in large, are about a warped view of reality.  It is all about seeing the child as a mistake.  It wasn’t supposed to happen this way…I can’t afford a baby…I’ll be embarrassed if anyone finds out…it may affect my health…my life will change dramatically…I wasn’t ready for this.  That is 99% of abortions right there.  But if you read those reasons again slowly I think you’ll see what’s really behind the statements.  It’s a power play aimed at blotting out the reminder of our sin.  It truly is.  We may think of it as a simple surgical procedure, but in reality, it is a fierce and violent attempt to kill that which exposes our neediness, our shame, and our selfishness.  And it results in the death of an unbearable number of babies in North America and throughout the world each and every day.

And while it may be easy to point the finger and condemn the woman or family or doctor who aborts a child, each and every one of us knows this tendency to try and crush that which exposes our weaknesses and offenses.  Who hasn’t lied to avoid embarrassment or beaten themselves up over a costly decision?  Who hasn’t scrambled to cover up a botched effort or sought to shift blame to someone else?  We hate guilt and anything that brings to light our true situation.  Every human being is born with God’s laws written on their heart (Romans 2:15), and therefore our consciences accuse us.  And our response to that accusation is typically an all-out effort to sweep it under the floor, to put it out of our minds, and to justify our actions.  But nothing is hidden before God who knows and judges the secrets of our hearts (Romans 2:16, Psalm 44:21, Hebrews 4:13, Job 34:21). He sees our intentions and our deception even if no one else does. 

Like the mother who chooses to walk into the abortion clinic, whenever we attempt to blot out our sins, we are actually acknowledging and even declaring before God, “I am guilty, I am guilty!” And deep down, we know our actions require a just penalty because we have been created in the very image of the one true God of the universe, who is supremely and perfectly just.  And he will with certainty pour out his perfect justice on each and every human life. 

Abortion reminds us that we are guilty and in need of grace, and without the grace we so desperately need… the grace that can only be found in trusting in and following after a risen Savior, we will receive the justice due us from an infinitely holy God, namely unceasing anguish apart from him.  But God the Son, in great condescension, shockingly came to us in human form as Jesus Christ, was laid in a manger in little Bethlehem, and grew in wisdom and stature as a young man.  He experienced our weaknesses and temptations, all the while living without sin, performing incredible miracles and teaching with an authority that had never before been seen.  He was loved by a small few but mocked and accused by most, and was ultimately taken to a hill outside of Jerusalem called Golgotha where Roman soldiers nailed him to a wooden stake, according to the plan of God (Acts 2:23).  And in his death, Jesus experienced the full wrath and anger and justice of God the Father, causing him intense despair.   This was a plan determined by and accomplished by God so that sinners could know the love and magnificence and righteousness of the God who created them, for all of eternity.  This is the heart of the Christian faith, and it starts with the recognition that we as a worldwide community and as individuals are unruly rebels in need of grace… in need of someone to redeem our desperate situation.    

Upon his death, Jesus, who 33 years earlier had been laid in a manger as a precious babe, was laid in a tomb.  Three days later he rose up and took off his grave clothes and returned to his disciples, eventually ascending into an unseen place called heaven to be with his Father.  It was a declaration that God had carried out his plans perfectly, and that Jesus’ perfect life and wrath-quenching death was for sinners, so that all who would trust in and receive him would be united to Christ and receive the forgiveness offered in his name…  adopted as beloved children into God’s family.  It is in this relationship with God and with other brothers and sisters in Christ that we begin to know love and joy and forgiveness truly as we walk out life in a strange and broken place called Earth.  It is a foretaste of what is to come, ultimately living and reigning forever with Christ and those throughout the centuries that have come to know this grace, in a re-created heaven and earth, a place of truth and worship and joy and perfection and life. 

In the end, abortion is a picture of what it looks like to run from sin and refuse this great grace.  Jesus, like the baby in the womb, exposes our rebellion and our neediness.  And he declares, “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls.”  Jesus Christ is the wisdom and righteousness of God, made available to all who will receive him.